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Mission of BiznesAlbania

It is created:
• To promote economically the employment and the social policy environment, necessary to support and develop the free enterprise and market economy;
• To provide a national forum to bring together the interests of national organizations of employers and their members and to promote socio-economic policies initiated by the enterprise;
• To assist, advise and provide services and information for members to establish and maintain permanent contacts between them, and to coordinate the interests of employers at the international level, particularly in the framework of the ILO, IOE, BUSINESSEUROPE and other international institutions
• To promote and support the progress and strengthening of independent organizations of employers and increase their capacity of services to all members;
• To inform the public opinion and to encourage the decision makers to understand and apply the requirements of the Albanian entrepreneurship;
• To facilitate and promote the sharing and transfer of information, experiences and best practices among members.

Project : “Cross Itineraries for the Tourism System Empowerment and economic development – Shkodra Lake” IPA project is aims to promote cross-border programs and offers a continuous cultural tourism, expansion , diversity of offering a cultural tourist routes around Shkodra Lake(Ulcin, Podgorica and Shkodra) with special focus in Shkodra region , as well as to promote the creation of innovative and qualitative models, a positive environment for tourist offer in Shkodra Lake , to empower the capacities of target groups on both regions in Albania and Montenegro.

The International Organisation of Employers (IOE) is the largest network of the private sector in the world, with a membership of 150 business and employer federations in 143 countries.

The foundation Dutch Employers’ Cooperation Programe (DECP) is a public-private partnership established by Dutch employers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2005.

BUSINESSEUROPE, or otherwise called, the Confederation of European Business, is the voice of more than 20 million small, medium-sized and large companies. Members of BUSINESSEUROPE are 40 central industrial and employers organizations from 34 countries, working together to ensure the growth and competitiveness in Europe.